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    Sally Hogshead
  • “Small innovations can lead to big successes tomorrow.” - Preneurl.

    Preneurl. Small innovations can
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    Seth Godin – Connect, create meaning
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    Preneurl. Veni, vidi, visa

Gravestate Real Estate Broker

Gravestate Real Estate Broker

Gravestate real estate broker distinguishes itself because of the fact that they strongly empathize with their client, the personal situation of the client and their housing needs. Gravestate particularly searches for a balance between rational and emotional arguments between the purchase and sale of their property. Priority is to give the client a good feeling when buying or selling their house.


Gravestate Brokerage asked us to describe relevant market trends and to advise them about a distinguished position in the market with the corresponding Unique Selling Points. The authenticity from the organization, owners and the employees should be safeguarded.


We have described and presented the Unique Selling Points and the renewed positioning to the board of directors after analyzing the relevant market trends and after facilitating and leading different brainstorm sessions. In this document we also described some practical tools for a new visual identity and marketing and communication campaign. Next we have explained these tools during several sparring partner sessions.