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Pandora | Adolf Dam

Pandora | Adolf Dam

Adolf Dam ltd. was the distributor of Pandora Jewelry for the Netherlands. Pandora offers a very extensive and versatile collection composed of surprising Pandora beads. Each Pandora (bead) has its own story. The philosophy behind Pandora is based on collecting your most valuable memories in life. The different models of Pandora beads represent these moments. The roots of Pandora lie  in Denmark with Thailand as producing country.
In 2001, Adolf Dam ltd. started in the Netherlands with the distribution of Pandora jewellery to jewellers (multi-brand stores). The exploitation and distribution of the Pandora shops and jewellery is longer in the hands of Adolf Dam bv.


Out of Denmark it was – in 2009 – the ambition to pursue a renewed retail strategy. The ambition was to develop a new distribution- and assortment strategy with own and franchise (mono brand) stores and shop-in-shop concepts. Adolf Dam ltd. asked Preneurl. to develop a plan in order to realize this renewed retail strategy. Moreover and help implementing it a as a project leader in the new retail organisation taking all retail marketing P’s into consideration.


For this project, Preneurl. delivered a strategic plan including the overall Business Case for the new retail organization ( including the new to open own mono -brand stores). Based on a benchmark, qualitative and quantitative market research and several interviews we developed a plan with potential distribution points (cities, locations and properties). An important element of  the business case concerning the operation- and liquidity budget was also  developed by us. As a follow-up a strategic retail marketing plan and project plan were written in which all retail marketing P’s were included based on the assumptions of Pandora Denmark. Preneurl. has – in close cooperation with the management – put the first steps of this plan in motion with the  ambition to achieve a sustainable result for Dam and Pandora.