• “Veni, vidi, visa - I came, I saw, I shopped.” - Preneurl.

    Preneurl. Veni, vidi, visa
  • “We think global and act local.” - Preneurl.

    Preneurl. We think global
  • “The question is not where is my shop, but where is my customer.” - Preneurl.

    Preneurl. The question is not
  • “My best client is the one who brings out the best in me.” - Preneurl.

    Preneurl. My best client
  • “No one ever succeeds without the help of others.” - Jay Abraham

    Jay Abraham

Service Pharmacy Heerkens

Service Pharmacy Heerkens

Of the approximately 1,900 pharmacies in the Netherlands there are over 375 operating under the flag of the Service Apotheek (Service Pharmacy). These are independent pharmacies, the pharmacist himself is the owner / operator. The Service Pharmacies work together intensively to offer the patient the best service and care. In consultation with several doctors, the Service Pharmacist helps, together with an expert team, to find the best medicine for the patient.


Service Pharmacy Heerkens asked us to develop a retail concept and strategy for the Service Pharmacy of the future in a newly developed health center.


Service ApotheekIn the process, we have acted as a sparring partner and advisor. We started by describing the key trends and developments, conducting a brief benchmark and completing several (brainstorm) sessions with the board of pharmacy Heerkens, the management of the Service Pharmacy and several employees. We then developed a brief concept plan with strategy. This is verified by the management and Service Pharmacy. Together with partners, we have visualized the new pharmacy and conducted an assortment analysis to make a new proposal that suits the needs of the customer. We also have developed a proposal for the in-store presentation and means for in- and out-store marketing communication.
During 2 to 3 weekly sparring sessions, the Service Pharmacy Heerkens  has been assisted in the realization of the new concept and the implementation of the strategy. The new concept connected perfectly with the positioning, philosophy and the visitor of the new health center.