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28 October, 2013

Blog Exhibition Coco Chanel

“A new look at innovation through the eyes of a fashion icon”

 Coco Chanel has been and still is an inspiration for many people. For years I have been working in fashion, a sector where the influence of the fashion house Chanel is always tangible and very visible. Coco Chanel was far ahead of her time. Mainly  because of this she always has been an inspiration for me personally. A strong woman, especially in her time, who was able  to stand up against a male dominated business culture without any room  for ambitious women.

IMG_2555Reason enough for me to visit the exhibition ‘Chanel: the legend’ in the Gemeentemuseum, The Hague. Perfume, handbags, dresses, suits and jewelry, all designed by Coco Chanel. While other designers limited themselves   to the designing of clothes only, Chanel  even started   her own  lifestyle brand,  A development  which has been followed by modern existing brands and retailers in fashion and other industries. Building a product range from customer needs and knowing how to market this in the right way, Chanel was not only fashion designer, but also a great marketer and above all an innovator.

IMG_2561About innovation, she made ​​the statement : “Innovation! One cannot be forever innovating . I want to create classics“.  This statement , I  believe ,  is  an eye-opener for several people.. Innovation has become a buzzword. Every company says to focus on innovation which means that they continuously  try to  bring new products on the market.  Once a new product is  launched  its successor is already waiting to be introduced as ‘the next big thing’.  Quite often it   looks like  the quantity of introducing new products is more important than the quality of the innovation. My advice: Think of innovating the one product or one service where people  will still talk about ten years from now.  Only then you are really innovative and – this might be   even more important- ,  the consumer will  believe  and accept  you are innovative. The  years in which  the consumer accepted a third , fourth or fifth version in just a different color , a slightly different shape or a ‘ now even better taste’  are over. True innovation is about authenticity.

Visit the exhibition ‘Chanel: the legend’ and see it for yourself. The fashion lovers will be amazed – and  to those  who are not interested in fashion – this exposition will even inspire you. Statements  of Coco Chanel  are still relevant and will certainly  keep  you thinking.

Monique Plantinga