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CPC Run The Hague | Foundation Athletics and Events

CPC Run The Hague | Foundation Athletics and Events

The City Pier City Run in The Hague (CPC Loop Den Haag) is a major event in The Hague, which annually welcomes tens of thousands of participants and visitors. The target groups are families, from young to old, pupils, students and  business people from small and large companies. Everyone can choose his or hers suitable distance to run in the Court Capital! In 2014, the event exists 40 years. ABN AMRO, the main sponsor, has recently taken over the organization of the event because of the major success and the size of the organization.


In 2004 we were asked by  the Foundation Athletics and Events (Stichting Atletiek en Evenementen)  to position the City Pier City Run as an international sports and leisure event. The main question was which parts needed to be developed and for which stakeholder in order  to create a greater interest for the municipality, stakeholders, businesses and sponsors.


Stichting AtletiekThe result was a strategic marketing plan with a sharpened positioning of a major international sporting event with a growing tourist attraction to The Hague. In this plan concrete and practical tools are described to actually achieve this positioning. We specifically  focused on the different distances and new services for a variety of target groups, and new and appealing retail products to be developed  and offered by entrepreneurs. Around the event tourist attractions have been developed, such as shopping possibilities, recreation and catering facilities.