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Municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg

Municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg


In 2004, the restructuring of Leidschendam-Center started. Besides housing, it included the development of a high quality shopping area with shops and restaurants. In the field of retail, the development of the run-up street (Damlaan) was of particular interest next to the construction of new retail spaces. In the recent and coming years, in Leidschendam-Center, a differentiated and qualitative higher store image must be developed, for which guidance was needed.

Preneurl. BV  was asked to perform  the center management for Leidschendam-Center in Leidschendam-Voorburg.


Preneurl. was asked to develop a vision and strategy as a possible ‘temporary’ solution for the growing vacancy in Leidschendam Center and present it to the various stakeholders to involve them and possibly commit them to deploy these ‘solutions’.


The development and elaboration of a strategic and practical plan with various solutions for (temporarily) reducing or even solving on the short and/or long term, vacancy of real estate. We made several presentations based on these plans with practical solutions. Goal was to engage and motivate stakeholders to work together. Partly due to the efforts of Preneurl. a guerrilla store (temporary store) has also been opened for a short while. Furthermore we advised in setting up a retail incentive program Leidschendam Center for new entrepreneurs and during this process we advised and supervised from execution to assigning. We also searched for and selected partners who could and can contribute to the various solutions.