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The House of Savings (Het Bespaarhuis)

The House of Savings (Het Bespaarhuis)

The House of Savings (Het Bespaarhuis) offers comprehensive advice in financial matters from a new shop with a brokerage department, a House & Mortgage (Huis & Hypotheek) establishment, an insurance department and a department Sustainable Renovation.


The entrepreneurs / owners of the House of Savings asked to advise, support and coach them in developing and implementing an entirely new retail concept around financial services. Condition was that the new concept would replace the existing insurance office successfully.


BespaarhuisWe have prepared a business plan for a financing request.  After various sessions we have also advised on the new  name (‘Het Bespaarhuis’ ). During the implementation, we have advised and supported  the development of the new identity, branding, products, interior concept, routing, product presentation and in-store communication, content for product brochures and materials, signage and website. We also coordinated these steps.

A distinctive proposition, corporate identity and a unique financial store concept that not only delivered hundreds of new customers since the time of opening in September 2007, but has also been awarded the Allianz Business Award 2008. The concept has yielded some eye-openers such as, financial services can be combined with the service and experiences. More emotion and a clear vision on sustainable customer relationships can also work with financial products. The House of Savings can, as a financial service provider, help the consumer save on more than just money: also on time, effort and sleepless nights.