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    John Jantsch
  • “The question is not where is my shop, but where is my customer.” - Preneurl.

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  • “We believe that partnership and co-creation are the future of retail.” - Preneurl.

    Preneurl. We believe that partnership
  • “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” - Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein – Learn from yesterday
  • “We feel retail.” - Preneurl.

    Preneurl. We feel retail.

VNBT | Municipality of Zoetermeer

VNBT | Municipality of Zoetermeer

The VNBT is an association of and by entrepreneurs on the three northern business districts of Zoetermeer (NL). The VNBT has asĀ  motto “Strong Together”. Strong together to create a better business climate and a better image for the three business areas. The association aims to act as initiator, coordinator and consultation point for businesses, entrepreneurs and owners of commercial premises in the industrial parks Hoornerhage, Zoeterhage and Rokkehage.


The Board of the Association (VNBT) has asked Preneurl. to develop a vision and strategy for a possible BIZ (Business Investment Zones) in the Northern Industrial Estates. Goal of this vision was to provide insight on what the BIZ can do for the VNBT. Part of the process was to get the board in line regarding this form of collectivism.


We started with an exploratory study on the ins and outs of the experiments law BIZ in the Netherlands and also took notice of the variations in foreign countries. We have also analyzed other forms of (entrepreneurial) funds. We then developed and took the lead in several brainstorming sessions with the Board of VNBT and entrepreneurs who are established in the area in order to gain insight in needs and desires and the familiar difficulties. Finally we developed a strategic marketing plan including a roadmap for the VNBT. Main objective was to shape the BIZ and also to create support from the entrepreneurs and stakeholders on starting a BIZ. Also further steps are formulated for the actual start of a BIZ.