• “You can’t fake authenticity.” - Mark Schaefer

    Mark Schaefer
  • “We think global and act local.” - Preneurl.

    Preneurl. We think global
  • “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.” - Brian Tracy

    Brian Tracy
  • “We translate trends into business.” - Preneurl.

    Preneurl. We translate trends
  • “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” - Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein – Logic will get you

Our partners

Through years of national and international experience, we have learned to work in different cultures with different kind of specialists. The best we have absorbed in our specialist network in order to co-create with us.

Partners in retail

The retail sector is so big and the activities are so diverse that Preneurl. can never have all the specific knowledge in-house. It also is a too hectic field to have everything always carried out by our own staff. So, over the years, we’ve learned to work with different kinds of specialists, of which the best have joined us in our (specialist) network. With each and everyone we have established a mode of co-creation that works perfectly for everyone. It helps  us to gear up with different speeds when necessary, staying flexible, inspired and smart, maintaining our o so important helicopter view.  Our international network comprises both specialists and all-round management consulting firms.

Below you will soon find a selection of our international partners.