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Municipality of Zoetermeer

Municipality of Zoetermeer

Zoetermeer, always enterprising, city of ICT and Leisure, a high degree of vitality and a continuous development in all sectors. Between 1962 and 2010, Zoetermeer has grown tenfold in terms of population after which the business grew very quickly as well. A pioneer spirit, warm hospitality and an excellent physical location are the main features of this vital city. The municipality of Zoetermeer facilitates entrepreneurship and other initiatives that makes the city vibrant.


We have been asked to develop a strategic plan to inspire retail entrepreneurs to start with (digital) innovation in in the context of  ‘shopping 3.0’ and the digitization of stores. Another question was to develop an interactive evening with presentations, a possible development of other sessions,  to organize these sessions  as well  and  to advice   about the marketing  of  the seminar.


We have prepared and presented two presentations on the topics of retail trends and cooperation in shopping areas / centers. We have also determined the subjects of the other presentations in a briefing on the basis of which we have selected and briefed the other speakers. During this seminar, Monique Plantinga has taken the role of chairwoman. The whole process and the whole planning have been managed by us and coordinated with the municipality of Zoetermeer and the other involved parties.