• “Connect, create meaning, make a difference, matter, be missed.” - Seth Godin

    Seth Godin – Connect, create meaning
  • “Small innovations can lead to big successes tomorrow.” - Preneurl.

    Preneurl. Small innovations can
  • “No one ever succeeds without the help of others.” - Jay Abraham

    Jay Abraham
  • “The question is not where is my shop, but where is my customer.” - Preneurl.

    Preneurl. The question is not
  • “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” - Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs

Network Preneurl.

To get the best out of it we work with the best people that are as entrepreneurial as we - and therefore not surprisingly often independents themselves. A complementary team of retail specialists, creatives (from designers to copywriters), marketers, communication strategists, business developers and planners.

Preneurl. specializes in generating new retail, business and brand concepts, leading to optimal sales performance enhancing the creative potential. We help managers to new creative marketing insights and help them build new and unsuspected positions in the market based on the Retail Marketing Ps.

To achieve this, we work best with a varied and multi-disciplined, integrated team of specialists, creatives, designers, marketers, communication strategists, business developers and planners. The most experienced and inspiring man/woman for the job! Together we look at how we can generate more new business from innovations and positioning issues. This while we prefer to use open processes that really stimulate both strategic thinking and creativity in the approach and execution.


Multidisciplinary creative director and copy director. Starting point for his work always is stretching the commercial objectives a bit more (“Is that all you want? ‘). Believes in integrated communication, solutions are not stand-alones but are part of the larger master plan, preferably one with a vision (or ‘idea’ or ‘view’ or ‘passion’ or ‘value system’ …. or something!). This does not mean that one should always seek for an unified message. An organization is nowadays required to maintain multiple contacts at the same time. And each contact – read ever brand communication or brand ad – carries its own multitude of opportunities, challenges, needs, trends / tendencies, threats etc. Uniformity is something that often creates more distance rather than something that builds the bridge.


Hans de Vries is coach, creative strategist, consultant and teacher. He has the ability to recognize the talent in people and to listen with empathy. His strength is to connect people with themselves and each other, as well as cross-linking ideas and developments from various fields into new concepts. He has a holistic approach, connecting head, heart and belly. And increasing the power of the imagination, which makes him able to translate ratio and emotion into pictures. His mission is to create a more beautiful world altogether. He is content-driven and likes tot facilitate the creative process. Resulting in support among principals, feasible concepts developed in booklets, posters, reports, mood boards, agendas and action plans.

Hans studied Planning at the University of Groningen. Furthermore, he immersed himself in marketing, branding, concept development, trend watching and coaching. His entire working life he translated customer needs into viable concepts. After a career as a consultant, he became a marketing manager at AM. Where he introduced trend watching as a consumer tool. Within the conceptteam FLX (at Ymere) he was responsible for the project management of comprehensive area visions, strategies and plans. He also was quartermaster of the marketing department. As a lecturer, at the Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, he teached ‘Trendwatching’ and ‘Living’. Currently he is coach and trainer at Soul Alignment and creative strategist at Trends Together.


The real story: that’s what René is always looking for. It is the real story that takes us further. René has been working for 20 years as journalist and senior editor – first for newspapers and radio-broadcastings. Over the last 10 years, René has worked on customer magazines, staff magazines, environmental newspapers and e-zines for ministries and large companies. The real story is also René’s goal when he analyses entrepreneurs’ obstacles and opportunities: he detects decelerating forces and bends these to fuel  growth and development.
René has a broad perspective and he is focussed on solutions. He has an unorthodox and creative way of working in a safe ethos.


After a start as salesman and commercial trainer – parallel to his studies Organization and Policymaking  – his career got a start as Manager Public Relations & Events of De Bijenkorf, department stores in more up market luxuries. From there he went to HEMA, where he worked as a coordinator for the internal advertising agency. Here he learned everything from an marketing and promotions point of view: from brand and marketing strategy to account management and writing copy. Next Hemko played a key role in the from scratch realisation of the online photo service of HEMA, which eventually grew into a large profit maker. His retail marketing experience was further deepened and broadened in an MD-trajectory as product manager / buyer of HEMA, responsible for the successful repositioning and transformation of the now renowned wine department, complete with roll-out plan.