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Retail in the Netherlands

With our excellent knowledge of national and international retail organisations we are perfectly able to accompany you to meet and befriend the Dutch consumers. We do this under co-creation so you can be sure you get the best minds assessing your case. This way Preneurl. supports overseas wholesalers, manufacturers and developers to develop the domestic market.

Entering Dutch retail

For many foreign retailers the Netherlands are ideal to establish their business or to use as test country. The defining features for this are the current dynamics in the retail landscape, giving many opportunities, the international orientation of our country and the Dutch, coupled with their entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. The Netherlands have a rich trading history and entertain a positive image in the field of retail. There are more advantages: for example the excellent geographical location to serve as springboard and entry port for the European continent. Logistics-wise the Netherlands will always maintain a top ranking position. Last but not least, Holland offers an attractive tax climate.

Let us inspire you

Growth. You might want to find it in the Netherlands. It perhaps means change. And while you already struggle to adapt to the changes that impact your business at your home market, you grapple with understanding those that will influence your businesses and prospects for the future in the new country. That’s called ambition!

Getting out in front and leading change is a strategic imperative for all companies that look to innovation for growth elsewhere. However, trying to understand the forces that drive change can be a real difficult task.

Preneurl. can reveal how to capitalize on the game-changing national and international trends in retail, how to shape behavior, and how to activate against the new paradigms with actionable strategies through our proprietary Business Level model.

Internal European, East-West, West-East

You observe the potential. You investigate to get all the details. Preneurl. can be your one-stop shop to discover what’s new and what’s next in the Dutch shopper space. You want to know you will be able to operate commercially and creatively to exploit your brands. Which concepts and approaches work best? We think you can hardly avoid our knowledge of both your own opus moderandi and the one that will bring results here, locally.

What we are also asked more and more is to pack our bags and bring along our Western knowledge. E.g. you are a Mid-Eastern or Eastern company on the look-out for things you can implement. You ask us what we see as your low hanging fruit, strengths and opportunities. What comes first that is actionable? Why?

And of course we will be most happy to share everything we know about retail and concepting, branding and marketing to contribute to your business.