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    Mark Schaefer
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    Preneurl. We think global
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    Brian Tracy
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    Preneurl. We translate trends
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    Albert Einstein – Logic will get you

Retail abroad

Preneurl. also specializes in support for wholesalers, manufacturers and property developers to conceptualize and realize concepts on their own home markets abroad.

Entering foreign markets

Preneurl. supports wholesalers, manufacturers and developers abroad with developing concepts, strategies and brands in their domestic markets. We also work with Dutch companies, wholesalers or retailers, to acquire a position abroad, for instance in emerging markets.

Turkey as the forefront

Preneurl. knows the way in retail in several countries. For instance we know the parties to collaborate with well: these we consider our partners. It assures you of the right ins and outs to prepare the right steps to enter the market. We’re especially at home in Turkey, where we have built an excellent network over the years.

Retail and leisure abroad

The combination of shopping, sports and other forms of recreation is becoming increasingly important. This applies to both the national and international leisure sector for example.

In this perspective Preneurl. helps to further develop malls and leisure centers at home and abroad. Via a cross-channel strategy, we even know how to approach audiences and to shape behavior of consumer groups in foreign countries, beyond traditional leisure-areas. Our integrated methods of work  supported by our Business Level Model for instance, are perfectly applicable to actionable strategies beyond geographical country borders.