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    Mark Schaefer
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    Brian Tracy
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    Albert Einstein – Logic will get you


The Netherlands is a relatively small country. The good thing is that we are multicultural and innovative, open and always curious. The Netherlands are therefore interesting for quite a number of retailers to serve as test country, while it is such a good springboard to other countries. For these prospects it might be good to know that Preneurl. has a strong international orientation. An orientation of course useful for Dutch clients who want perhaps make the move abroad, but certainly for the ones from abroad who perhaps carry ideas about establishing a business (semi-) permanently in the Netherlands.

We would be most happy to offer you more inspiration to operate commercially and creatively as a brand, with the right retail concept for the right market on the right locations with the right timings etc. Please feel free to consult us anytime.

Retail in the Netherlands

With our excellent knowledge of national and international retail organisations we are perfectly able to accompany you to meet and befriend the Dutch consumers. We do this under co-creation so you can be sure you get the best minds assessing your case. This way Preneurl. supports overseas wholesalers, manufacturers and developers to develop the domestic market.

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Retail abroad

Preneurl. also specializes in support for wholesalers, manufacturers and property developers to conceptualize and realize concepts on their own home markets abroad.

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Our partners

Through years of national and international experience, we have learned to work in different cultures with different kind of specialists. The best we have absorbed in our specialist network in order to co-create with us.

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