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03 July, 2014

Creating fans by pop-up retail

“What is the added value of pop-up retail concepts for brands, retailers and shopping areas?”

Shopping areas are facing a difficult time. The economic crisis, online competition and rapidly changing consumer needs demand adaptability and creativity from retailers.
Is there still future for traditional retailers? YES! However, changing consumer needs and accessory consumer trends ask for a new approach to keep shopping areas exciting and relevant. An example of a new approach are the pop-up stores. These pop-up stores offer added value to shopping areas, brands and retailers as well.

Pop up store AdidasA pop-up store is a temporary store that (suddenly) appears on the streets. These temporary stores are located (unexpectedly) and for a short period of time in empty buildings or on parts of empty areas. Pop-up stores provide brand experience and generate qualitative traffic. Besides that, pop-up stores showed us already to be a successful marketing tool for the brand, the retailer and the shopping areas as well.
The present-day consumer wants to encounter new experiences. Pop-up stores offer the possibility to create these experiences. By introducing pop-up stores the brand, the retailer and the shopping area keep being exciting, relevant and innovative. A win-win situation for all parties.

The world is changing. Mobility becomes a more important theme in every aspect. Also for retail and catering. Retailers no longer want to settle in a retail store for years. There are initiatives of pop-up malls in which retailers are located temporary and then move in order to enable new retail initiatives. Mobile retail concepts are becoming part of the future. Roger Wade, founder of the British fashion label Boxfresh, opened one of the first pop-up malls. One third of this mall, constructed of 60 shipping containers and named Boxpark, was filled with galleries, cafés and ‘showrooms’ and two third was filled with fashion retailers. Roger Wade wanted to bring creativity and fashion back where it belongs: on the streets.

Pop up store Boxpark

Permits, flexible contracts to rent, the possibility of transporting the assortment in a appropriate and fast way, the setting up of a pop-up concept are some of the ‘problems’ that need to be solved. Hopefully retailers will be supported in all this in order to be able to develop, start and open pop-up concepts. On the other hand, retailers have to be aware of the reality. Even after the economic crisis traditional retailers will face a difficult time. Shopping areas and retailers have to work together on a strategic level to continue adding value in the changing landscape of retail. Creating a win-win situation and understanding of the interests of both parties are essential elements. The role of the physical store changes partly because of online shopping. The consumer no longer wants the same offer in every shopping area, causing similarity and a lack of surprises and experiences. Due to this people often prefer to shop online.

Tweet shop opened by KelloggsFor retailers who are already creating new experiences it is very important to turn their consumers into fans. Fans get excited once their favourite brand does something new. The excitement whether and when a pop-up store appears – knowing you are one of the few who may experience the pop-up store – leads to more fans. Pop-up stores make the consumers feel to be part of the brand. Design (the Adidas shoe box pop-up store) and offering a unique experience to your fans (Kellogg’s used the tweet ‘#thetweetshop’ as the method of payment) are vital to communicate and strengthen the brand values.

Pop-up stores are here to stay! There is a need for pop-up retail. Shopping areas still play a very important role in consumer behaviour. Are you inspired regarding pop-up possibilities in your shopping area and do you want some advice about organizing a pop-up concept? Send an email towards info@preneurl.com. We will contact you to get acquainted without any obligations.

Monique Plantinga