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Bagels & Beans

Bagels & Beans

Bagels & Beans is a contemporary hospitality concept with more than 50 branches situated in locations throughout the Netherlands. In 1995, Bagels & Beans was the first company in the Netherlands  to have its focus specifically on the, particularly in the United States, popular bagel. Bagels & Beans brings an oasis of peace, harmony and human attention in a hectic and technologically driven period.

Projects we have executed for Bagels & Beans:

Strategic brand development and management, organizational development and marketing (communication)

Preneurl. has developed various concepts and presentations where the focus was on brand strategy, positioning, brand management and branding. The presentations were developed at a strategic level through a combination of image and text, and served as a basis to take practical next steps. In addition, we have supported  the development of the organization by acting as a sparring partner and coach and support in the realization of a number of things. We have also assisted in the design and development of various marketing communication tools.

Development and positioning new coffee brand and concept

Preneurl. has developed a concept for a new coffee brand,  to be launched in the in-home channel. We developed a positioning  to support the Bagels & Beans brand,  concept sales presentations are developed and visualized. With suppliers   has been sourced for the right packaging. The concept was based on a sustainable and fair philosophy.

Cross-channel strategy and in-store opportunities

Bagels&BeansThe  main questions in this project  were: ‘ How and with which concept  is  Bagels & Beans going to fit on the various (traffic) sites? Which locations are the most suitable? What are the critical success factors and preconditions to achieve this?’ We have performed a benchmark, developed various concepts and visualized  the concepts on the basis of the corresponding sharpened positioning. We also translated the atmosphere of the concepts into mood boards. Finally we have described the constraints and critical success factors for the strategy. The presentations and mood boards were used internally to determine strategic choices on how to proceed.