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Capricorn Safety & Security

Capricorn Safety & Security

Capricorn Security Service BV was founded in 1993 and focuses – next  to private security – on specific areas within the field of the security industry.


Capricorn has asked us to advise on and support with the repositioning of Capricorn with all its services and products in the Dutch security market. We have also been asked to develop a strategic marketing plan and advise in the development of new marketing communication tools to actually realize this renewed position in the market.


We organized and supervised several discussions, presentations, brainstorming- and working sessions in order to gain both insight in trends and developments in the market as to describe  the current position as well as   the ambition of Capricorn. Management and staff of different layers and disciplines participated and contributed in this.
As a follow-up we developed a strategic (marketing) plan with a clear position of Capricorn. Three  sub brands, suitable for different services, are developed for this marketing plan namely: Safety Architects, Safety & Security, Investigations. After this we designed the branding with a partner and translated this to  different communication tools. An essential part of the plan was also to give the employees an important role as ambassadors for Capricorn from their own intrinsic motivation.