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Eurest Support Services | Shell

Eurest Support Services | Shell

Eurest Support Services offers as an organization provides complete and integrated facility services. One team, one ultimately responsible manager, one invoice. Thanks to the optimal transparency and centralization of processes the customer has more control than ever. In other words: Eurest Services offers not only the best support services at home as a reliable partner, but also clarity and certainty.


Eurest Support Services has asked us to develop a retail vision and retail concept and to describe and visualize this in a concept plan regarding the adjustment of the Shell shops in The Hague and Rijswijk. One of the premises was the ‘local colour’ of both Shell shops, which should be more reflected in the shop concept. The ultimate goal was a closer connection of the shops in The Hague and Rijswijk to current retail and consumer trends, the needs of the specific target group and the potential of the shops. In addition, a secondary objective was to achieve a better result through a lower inventory and higher turnover rate of the products.


We have developed a vision and translated this to a practical concept plan that addresses relevant trends and the changing needs of consumers. This concept plan is also fully visualized with 3D drawings of the new shop concept, the customized product (categories), and the presentation forms with the in- and out store communication. In this project, we have had several sessions with staff and management, and we have also organized and guided several brainstorm sessions. We presented the final concept plan with the various concept visualizations (shop, corporate identity, marketing communication, products) in several sessions to the management of ESS and Shell, after which the realization is picked up internally.