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Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan is active worldwide as a vegetable breeding company that focuses on the development of high-quality vegetable varieties for professional growers in food-producing horticulture, be that in glasshouses, tunnels or outdoors. In the world’s top 10 of globally-operating vegetable breeding companies, Rijk Zwaan holds a mid-position.


The custom development of methodologies and organizing and facilitating a two-day (international) innovation session tailored to an international team of Rijk Zwaan, composed of staff, partners and stakeholders from various (international) disciplines. Goal was that after these days a foundation for the further development of three viable, unique and not easy to copy product concepts was laid, with the right positioning and for a specific vegetable variety for the Western market, which in the long term aims for a sale increase for Rijk Zwaan. A secondary goal was to raise the knowledge of the team regarding the specific vegetable variety.


Rijk ZwaanA successful two-day innovation session resulting in more than the three requested (product) concepts. These are all judged by the group on technical and financial feasibility, innovativeness, market potential and time to market. Minimal three concepts are developed further in the short term and will possibly be brought to market within a few years. Other promising innovative ideas which occurred during this innovation session can be further developed in a later stage. The team building and knowledge transfer during this innovation session are also rated as very valuable. Preneurl. compiled the program and advised on the location, facility and other preparatory activities and the composition of the group.