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Sir Winston | Silverdome

Sir Winston | Silverdome

The Silverdome is the multifunctional indoor ice skating rink and sports and event center in Zoetermeer. It is a complex where sports, ice, leisure, hospitality and events are integrated.


Sir Winston asked us at the end of 2006 / the beginning of 2007 to develop a vision and a new concept for the Silverdome, a leisure  location in Zoetermeer, a city with more than 120,000 inhabitants. Challenge was to process today’s (retail)trends and developments in an exploitable and innovative leisure and retail concept   to be developed on approximately 5,000 m2.


We started to describe the main (inter)national trends and developments  based on  a benchmark of the local situation  with regard to  competition, supply and demand. After this we developed and described an integrated leisure concept including business case. Part of the concept was an extension and renewal in the field of ice rinks, hospitality, retail and leisure. Even a small hotel and a casino were part of the concept. Basis for the concept was a completed market research  which has been provided by partners.