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Lingerie and swimwear entrepreneur

Lingerie and swimwear entrepreneur

The entrepreneur in question is still working to realize the concept (2013) and doesn’t want to be mentioned for this reason by the full name.


This entrepreneur has asked us to help develop a high-quality Omni channel retail concept for luxury and high quality lingerie and swimwear. Next question was to guide setting up the business case, determine the operating budget and the development of the retail marketing strategy.


As a sparring partner we have given input during various (brainstorm and working) sessions. The main goal was to develop a distinctive concept. After the concept was worked out in a presentation we advised how to add specifically experience, branding and the distinctive character to the concept in relation to the large chains. We developed the base for the retail marketing strategy for all p’s and finalized this during a working session with the entrepreneur. Focus was on the assortment policy and the assortment structure, the brand strategy both physical and digital, the experience in the store, the turnover and results per m2, the location and operating costs, the logistical organization and the customer focus and service of the staff. After finalizing the strategy we made the business case in order to offer this as a basis for external financiers.