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Vandyck Bed & Bath Fashion

Vandyck Bed & Bath Fashion

Vandyck is a highly regarded international brand and offers an extensive collection in the field of bed linen, bath linen, duvets and pillows. The latest fashion trends are translated into high quality duvet cover sets. The range also includes beautifully balanced base articles.


Corn. van Dijk Ltd., a family company responsible for the wholesale business  and export of the brand Vandyck’s, asked us to develop a retail concept and strategy for the new to develop Vandyck flagship stores. In this retail marketing strategy, all nine retail P’s had to be described. Including the how, what and why. The  basic principle was that the new concept and the strategy needed to reflect the current positioning of the brand and the products. Additional focus was on branding, the product range, experience and retail marketing(communication).


VandyckWe have presented three international scenarios of a retail concept and developed the matching strategy. We described these scenarios  in a practical and concrete plan including 3D visualizations of the potential flagship store. Start of the project was a benchmark, trend and consumer research, brainstorming sessions and presentations as well, together with a large team of Corn. van Dijk. In 2008, shortly after the project finished the first flagship store opened in Hilversum.