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Intersport | Intres

Intersport | Intres

Intres BV (International Retail Support) is a Dutch buying organization for retailers which offers various services to retailers, including procurement of the assortment and partly formula development. It is also a franchisor of various formats including Intersport.

Intersport is the sport specialty shop for anyone who wishes to feel fit and is enjoying sport in general. Intersport combines the strength from a large international formula and the commitment and knowledge of independent local entrepreneurs and  contributes  in its own way to a healthy way of life.

For Intersport we have conducted several projects including:

Concept and strategy development of a ‘new’ concept store

We  were asked to develop a new Intersport retail concept and strategy and help implementing this at an in-store A1 traffic location. A branch of Intersport was already present in a department store so both the old and new target groups could be reached. The main challenge here was to preserve the positive aspects of the existing retail concept and translate it into a new in-store concept of approximately 600 m2. To realize  this we  got in touch with one of the franchisees, Hink Sport. Together we have developed a concept with buying strategy including the logistics within the framework of the department store . We have also conducted an assortment analysis and developed a strategic assortment policy. Other  components were a strategy and policy regarding visual merchandising, price positioning, marketing communication and physical distribution. This project involved the entire process from strategy to implementation, including  the determination of the retail performance indicators. Hink Sport went bankrupt a few years ago. The in-store concept has been successful in the department store V&D for several years in terms of revenues and profit.

Strategic development of the range leisure and casual (sports) clothing

We have been asked to make an analysis of the assortment  in order to make a new strategic assortment policy and to achieve an overall increase of sales in the leisure / casual items. We successively analysed all suppliers, products, prices and delivery times, we spoke with purchasing and product managers and developed a vision regarding new products and suppliers.
The result was one higher turnover, less inventory, more current products, more sales and a better result regarding the KPIs.