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Municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg

Municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg


 In 2004, the restructuring of Leidschendam-Center started. Besides housing, it included the development of a high quality shopping area with shops and restaurants. In the field of retail, the development of the run-up street (Damlaan) was of particular interest next to the construction of new retail spaces. In the recent and coming years, in Leidschendam-Center, a differentiated and qualitative higher store image must be developed, for which guidance was needed.

Preneurl. BV  was asked to perform  the center management for Leidschendam-Center in Leidschendam-Voorburg.


To remain successful in the future, a stronger financial base is needed. Next to a more formal and organized way of cooperation, this will contribute and guarantee more center promotion for Leidschendam Center. An essential part of the project was to guide, to advice and conduct the project management for the realization of an entrepreneurial fund and to (help) actualize the business plan which was needed to get a better insight in the financial situation. In addition, the task was to come to a new board and a new formal entity (Leidschendam Promotion Foundation Center).

Expected result

Several information sessions, a positive decision of the city council on implementation of the fund, positive thinking by the council members on the premises. In addition, the scope is defined, the entrepreneurs are involved and informed during various information sessions  which we have presented. We also developed the business plan – together with the entrepreneurs – in which the roles of stakeholders are defined and the  support for the entrepreneurial fund is measured. Finally, all agreements with the municipality are made ​​and recorded. This process is managed and planned by us and we advised and supported the entrepreneurs. Both in the preparation of documents, as the lobbying process and the formation of a new board with all possible (knowledge) transfer and some coaching.