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    Preneurl. We translate trends
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AGU offers a complete range of cycling clothing and bike accessories – professional cycling gear, panniers and rainwear. Since 1966, AGU develops each collection with a special eye for technology, comfort and appearance. Carefully developed from high quality materials.


Agu has asked us to advise on the repositioning of the brand Agu, especially for the collections rainwear and outerwear and accessories. In addition, we were asked to develop a concept and strategy to achieve the repositioning of these collections and related products. An essential element was the question which product categories and possible sub-brands should be developed.


We first initiated several brainstorm sessions AGUwith management and staff, had interviews with employees and customers and analyzed the current collection and points of sale.
We then developed mood boards with a partner and presented our vision. After a positive feedback we developed a concept and strategic marketing and business plan to give direction to the various product categories including rainwear and outerwear. Part of this plan was a description of all the trends and developments, a benchmark and a description of all retail marketing P’s. The result was a brand strategy with as major focal points the branding and the positioning of the AGU brand and the further development of the various collections.