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  • “Imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.” - Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein – Imagination is a preview



Imageria made customized artworks from digital photos. Photos were printed on canvas and treated with a beautiful varnish. Imageria stood for any image, any size. The customer could deliver a digital photo or choose from the themed collection of professional photos. Imageria has been bought after several years by a large player in the market.


Imageria asked us  for advise how to position Imageria more distinctive in a tight and fast developing market with lots of competition. Next to this we were also asked to develop a retail-marketing plan for their concept, consisting mainly of selling canvases and personalizing the photos via Internet.


We started to describe the (inter)national trends and developments. Than we have developed a concept and retail marketing plan with a distinctive positioning by creating an unique product offer to be effectuated by cooperation with several partners having their own diverse composition. This made it possible to respond better to season changes and to fulfill the needs of the different target groups. Also we described how partners could help to market the product.