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    Sally Hogshead
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    Albert Einstein – Logic will get you
  • “Imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.” - Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein – Imagination is a preview
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The Green Room | Agro & Co

The Green Room | Agro & Co

In idea and execution The Green Room (De Groene Kamer) is unique. The estate combines outstanding quality retail and sustainable business with responsible isolation of the surrounding nature. In order  to meet the growing desire of the Dutch to connect with their green environment. We all love nature, but we also want to live in a comfortable way. The Green Room offers this possibility: a green area where you can relax and enjoy quality facilities. A day out around the corner.


The Green Room is a retail / leisure / recreation / nature concept in the area of Tilburg (NL). The question to Preneurl.: What is it exactly? Test the proposition and help sharpen it so that it is clear to all stakeholders.


A brief advice with practical recommendations for positioning, proposition and communication with the various stakeholders. This advice is presented in the form of an advice session with promoters and Agro & Co as one of the stakeholders. Our advice has resulted in a repositioning of the concept with a fresher image.