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Bloombizz is positioned as an international consumer brand for plants and flowers.  with   ‘new retailers’  as target group such as stations, hospitals, retirement homes, business shops etc. Cooperation and optimal response to the local consumer purchasing behaviour are two important pillars of the concept.


We were asked to develop an integrated concept and brand strategy for the brand Bloombizz,  to be sold at new retailers and at high traffic locations.


BloombizzBased on the (inter)national  trends and developments ,  we developed a consumer brand and a integrated  flower and plant concept intended for ‘new retailers’ and also for high traffic locations. We described and visualized in a presentation the concept, the market positioning, brand development and brand strategy, assortment and pricing strategy and the way of presenting plants and flowers  on displays.  Next to this we described roughly the marketing communication strategy including the means and the back-office system and organization, which was needed for the logistics and buying.