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Municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg

Municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg


In 2004, the restructuring of Leidschendam-Center started. Besides housing, it included the development of a high quality shopping area with shops and restaurants. In the field of retail, the development of the run-up street (Damlaan) was of particular interest next to the construction of new retail spaces. In the recent and coming years, in Leidschendam-Center, a differentiated and qualitative higher store image had and has to  be developed, for which guidance was needed.

Preneurl. BV  was asked to perform  the center management for Leidschendam-Center in Leidschendam-Voorburg.


To develop and help realize  project-based a marketing communication strategy. ‘Shopping 3.0’ and smart shopping should be part of this strategy. Entrepreneurs should be engaged,  involved, informed and consulted in this project. Focus in ‘Shopping 3.0’  is to connect online and offline. Social media and smart phones should have an important position in this strategy.


The preparation of a strategic marketing plan for Leidschendam-Centrum. To inform, involve and consult various presentations on marketing, in-store and out-store communication, social media, and ‘Shopping’ etc. have been developed and presented to the entrepreneurs and stakeholders. As external consultant we also developed a part of the strategy for the new interactive website and email marketing and supported the realization together with the entrepreneurs association. In addition, we have developed, elaborated and realized various plans for events, activities and marketing communication strategies, with entrepreneurs and stakeholders, where we also took lead in the project.