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Delft University of Technology: Congress ‘Design for Next Life’

Delft University of Technology: Congress ‘Design for Next Life’

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) cooperates with many other educational and research institutions at home and abroad and is known for its high standard of research and education. TU Delft has numerous contacts with governments, trade associations, consultancies, industry and small and medium-sized enterprises.


We were asked to help organize and advise for (the program of) the ‘design for next life’ conference. We also developed and presented a presentation about the possibilities of ‘Reduce, Re-use and Recycle’ in the retail sector (from producer to retailer). The target group of the concept was very mixed and consisted of the recycling industry, designers, product developers, buyers, students at Delft University of Technology, etc. The other speakers and presentations were from high-quality and large companies and brands from a wide field of the market.


We conducted a consumer and trend research as a ‘driver’ for the content of the presentation. We have also worked out cases on how both large and small retailers successful (can) apply ‘design for next life’. In a hypothetical case, we showed the potential for certain retail organizations and how partners can contribute to the success. In addition Preneurl. as co-organizer provided input on the design, content and speakers of this event.