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Board of Retail ‘Haaglanden Area’

Board of Retail ‘Haaglanden Area’

Board of Retail ‘Haaglanden Area’ (Winkelraad Haaglanden) was an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and MKB Haaglanden. A group of entrepreneurs, consultants and other experts identified and analyzed trends and developments. Based on these trends and developments they developed a vision and advice how to translate the trends and developments to concepts, both  policy and projects of retailers, project developers and (future) shopping areas, mainly in the area of Haaglanden.


We have been asked to help develop a vision on shopping malls and shopping areas in the Netherlands and especially for the ‘Haaglanden area’. This vision had to be translated into a working document that (municipal) authorities and retailers could use to develop a strategy for the future.


WinkelraadWe developed a vision for the future based on international trends and developments, interviews with entrepreneurs from various industries, sectors and regions. We also organized interactive workshops with retailers and governments. This vision for the future is embodied in a physical and digital brochure. The main principles of the vision and the results of the survey were presented during a seminar. We understand the vision is considered as a very workable one.