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Dutch Water Dreams

Dutch Water Dreams

Dutch Water Dreams (DWD) is the first whitewater course in Europe and is located in Zoetermeer. Here, the wildest watersports dreams come true. Thanks to the Olympic whitewater course and the Wave House, it is possible for a wide audience to experience Rafting, Tubing, Hydrospeed, Bodyboarding and Flowboarding. A unique and unforgettable experience!


DWD has asked us to develop a retail concept and strategy and implement this as an integral part of the park that in terms of experience connects to the hospitality and other components. The premise was that retail and retail marketing activities should strengthen the positioning, core values and distinctiveness of the park enabling new forms of partnerships to emerge. Furthermore, innovation had to be integrated in various forms in the shop.


We started with a benchmark and an inspiration document after which we – after several sessions with the management and staff – developed a concept plan and strategy, including 3D images . Besides describing the nine retail marketing Ps we have paid extra attention to the brand strategy of DWD, the business case, potential partnerships with brands, products to develop under the DWD label, branding of the own products and shop, (retail)events and potential sponsors. We then sourced suppliers based on this plan, developed the own products, realized the shop with partners, executed the purchase of the brand products and established the whole (logistics and staff) organization. Because of the uniqueness of the own products the corporate market could be served from the shop as well. After the opening , we assisted with the management of the shop by serving as a sparringpartner for 6 months. Through the innovative setting and products the visitors had to come to the shop. The location of the shop has changed a few years ago after the bankruptcy of DWD and was reduced in surface, to give space to other matters.