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Municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg

Municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg


In 2004, the restructuring of Leidschendam-Center started. Besides housing, it included the development of a high quality shopping area with shops and restaurants. In the field of retail, the development of the run-up street (Damlaan) was of particular interest next to the construction of new retail spaces. In the recent and coming years, in Leidschendam-Center, a differentiated and qualitative higher store image must be developed, for which guidance was needed.

Preneurl. BV  was asked to perform  the center management for Leidschendam-Center in Leidschendam-Voorburg.


Design and realize the project center management strategic and practical. With the aim to develop the area economical, sustainable and profitable. For existing businesses, this means a gain of opportunities for their company, while new entrepreneurs must be able to establish and traffic from the (near) region occurs.


Drawing up a plan of action and the formation of an organization and communication structure to align with stakeholders. Additionally, a strategic vision and branching concept (target concepts, positioning of the area, usp’s, marketing communications) is developed, tuned and tested with stakeholders. On the basis of this the cooperation between all stakeholders in the region (developers, entrepreneurs, cultural organizations, government, landlords, property owners)  is organized. Entrepreneurs  and stakeholders are organized in  an informal organization, working together. Marketing communication, cooperation and financial and economic structure has been developed resulting in new initiatives. New entrepreneurs are drawn to the area and will actually settle there. Also, the flow of visitors (old and new) increased already.